Choosing Forgiveness

Can an unforgiveable crime be forgiven?
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Journey through darkness and into light, with God’s help.

In Choosing Forgiveness, Paul Marshall writes of the hunt for his daughter’s murderer and the search for evidence to substantiate what had happened. He was filled with pain and anger, thinking only of getting justice for his daughter.

It was not until after the accused murderer was brought to trial that Paul finally was able to start healing. In this book, he speaks of both parts of the journey: the need to find and bring his daughter’s killer to justice and then the need and the choice to seek healing for himself. He was able to find that better place with the help of his strong Christian faith, his trust in God, and the love and care of a devoted family and many loyal friends.

His hope is that by sharing his own journey through darkness and into light, with God’s help, others may see a way to choose forgiveness for those who have wronged or hurt them and, thereby, find healing for themselves.

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